Roseman: I'm comfortable with process

Whether the Philadelphia Eagles decide to release a star wide receiver such as DeSean Jackson or a marginal safety like Patrick Chung, it doesn't happen in a nanosecond.

Every decision takes time, according to general manager Howie Roseman.

The Eagles have been criticized for waiting so long to address the decision to release Jackson.

Roseman answered the critics Monday at the Eagles' 18th annual Playground Build.

"Everything we do is planned out and thought about," Roseman told the team's website. "We don't do anything spur of the moment. That's not how any of us roll. We're thinking about a lot of things, so every decision we make we've thought about and that's what we'll continue to do as we make free agency and draft decisions.

"I think that when you sit down after the season, you try to formulate game plans and your offseason plan, and obviously we're still two weeks out from the draft, so that hasn't totally come in to play yet. ... We're still trying to improve this team. We're still trying to get better, and we're trying to build something that lasts, and with that comes some hard decisions and we've had a couple this offseason."

How about the lack of compensation for Jackson? Is that an issue?

"I'm comfortable with the process," Roseman said. "It's never perfect here in the offseason. The plans never go exactly how you want, unfortunately, and through that we've got to look forward and look towards what we're trying to do here and what we're trying to build. Again, we're not trying to build something for one year, we're trying to be a good football team over a period of time, and with that, we're trying to put pieces of the puzzle together, and unfortunately when you are managing a team in the NFL and the amount of resources that you get in terms of salary cap and the players who come up in terms of contracts, you have to make decisions and you have to figure out how you're trying to build the team and where you are going to put resources. Our offseason is part of that.

There's no guarantee that the Eagles will select a wide receiver with the No. 22 overall pick in the first round of the NFL draft next month. They'll look at all of their options.

"Obviously you have to factor in the talent in the draft," Roseman said. "We will not be in a situation in this draft where we're going to force something. We're going to go by our board and I think we're fortunate, I've said it a couple of times, that when you look at the wide receiver position in this draft, it's unique. It's unique as you look back at draft classes. I think we'll be in every round and there will be a draft prospect that we look at and we'll say, 'Man, that guy's still on the board.' I think that's exciting."