Chip Kelly: Eagles' draft process smooth

PHILADELPHIA -- Preparation for the 2014 NFL draft began many months ago, well before the calendar flipped.

It was the second draft for Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman.

Kelly gave a detailed reaction to the process.

“Yeah, I think we've got a pretty good clean process in terms of how it works,” Kelly said. “I think it's well thought out. It's very structured in terms of when we have to have 'X' done, when we have to have 'Y' done, how we continue to move in the right direction, and then so that when you get to the draft itself, and for some reason because they moved it, it seemed like the draft was forever just in terms of getting ready for it, but when it comes, then it's really a pretty orderly fashion. That's why I was kind of amazed that someone would actually want to write a movie about it, because it's not that dramatic to be honest with you; you know what I mean?

“You just look at a board and go, okay, what number are we, we pick, OK, that guy is the highest, let's pick him. It's not what I think some people think it is.”

Kelly, Roseman and the rest of the Eagles’ personnel might not always agree, but they come to the same conclusion together.

Each player is evaluated individually.

“Well, I mean, there's obviously a lot of ... we always just talk, there's the tangibles and the intangibles,” Kelly said. “There's a certain kind of height, weight, speed requirements we have for each individual position. We really don't want to go below that, but we always will make an exception. It's kind of like a guideline more than a rule. It's not a hard and fast, 'there's absolutely no way.' We want to be bigger at the receiver position, but you would be crazy if you looked at Brandin Cooks and said we're not going to take him because he's (5-foot-9). You know what I mean? He's also a rocked up 190 some odd pounds and a physical player.

“But you want to have ... we have certain height and weight criteria that we're looking for and certain arm lengths we're looking for and hand size we're looking for when it comes to certain positions, and then obviously where is their football intelligence, and then what is that character kind of component in terms of what their work ethic is going to be, can you count on them every day, are they reliable, all those other things, so I don't know if there's ... there's a lot that kind of goes into it, and then you go, and then you hope that the ones you got you'll figure out a year or two from now if it was a good one or a bad one.”