Syracuse's MacPherson jumps at chance

When you're an undrafted rookie free agent, absolutely nothing is guaranteed.

You're just sitting by the telephone, hoping and praying that an NFL team will call and invite you to camp.

That's exactly the scenario which unfolded for Macky MacPherson, who was a highly successful center at Syracuse. MacPherson is also the grandson of former Orange coach Dick MacPherson.

After the NFL draft concluded, MacPherson's phone buzzed. It was the Philadelphia Eagles.

"It's not a contract or anything," MacPherson told the Syracuse Post-Standard. "It's a tryout. But it's an opportunity. You can't ask for more than an opportunity."

He was thrilled when he found out an NFL team was interested.

"I'd love to tell you I was hearing from all of these teams," MacPherson said. "It was a little unsettling. We didn't hear from many teams Saturday. Sunday was empty, too. My agent said to stay patient and something would come up. Luckily it did. I couldn't be more excited to get a chance with a franchise like the Philadelphia Eagles."