Lane Johnson shares his thoughts

Right tackle Lane Johnson started all 16 regular-season games and the 26-24 playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints last season.

The second-year lineman, the fourth overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, discussed the marathon season and a number of other subjects with the Philadelphia Daily News’ Les Bowen.

On how Johnson felt after the playoff loss: “I was tired. Mainly I just needed to rest.”

On how his rookie season went after a slow start: “Confidence is a big factor in it. Whenever rookies first start out, they have a bad game, your confidence gets shaken. You're not sure of yourself, your head's spinning. Then once you go out there and have a few good games, (you) notice that you can really kind of mix it up, have the skill set to do some things. I think confidence was a big factor with me developing there at the end of the year.”

On his ability: “I know I have the talent to one day be a Pro Bowl player. That's my goal. I have a lot more confidence this year.”

On his mindset: “Don't overthink things. Try to keep it simple. I think when you keep things simple, they're easier.”