Eagles' Henery could face competition

Alex Henery will surely enter training camp as the Philadelphia Eagles' No. 1 kicker.

But nothing is guaranteed.

The Eagles signed free agent Carey “Murderleg” Spear from Vanderbilt as an undrafted rookie free agent and he's expected to pose a major challenge to Henery.

Henery was just 7-for-10 from 40 yards and beyond last season and his consistency has gone down since being drafted in the fourth round in 2011.

“Competition is always good. It makes everyone better,” Henery told CSNPhilly.com. “It’s just one of those things where it’s an individual thing. We’re both different in how we get the ball up. In the end, it pushes you to get better.”

Henery believes his issues are all correctable.

“I always compared things to the golf swing,” Henery told CSNPhilly.com. “It’s just if you’re doing something really small that’s making your drive go slice on you, there’s things to correct and you have to make sure every time you’re doing that. When you do that, you build a rhythm down, and then it becomes second nature.”

CSNPhilly.com noted that of Henery’s 90 kickoffs, only 37 wound up being touchbacks last season.

“If you play golf, it’s a lot like that,” Henery said. “Just finding the one that gets that ball strike you like. Kicking-wise, look at Sebastian Janikowski and me. Totally different kickers and totally different ways of kicking, but we can both produce results, just like a golfer. You get your bigger, taller golfers and then you get your smaller guys who are smaller than me that can hit the ball a mile. It’s a lot of technique.”