Cary Williams: Defense will be much better

Cornerback Cary Williams has always been brash – on and off the field.

He fears nothing whether it’s lining up against an All-Pro wide receiver or saying what is on his mind.

During OTAs last week with the Philadelphia Eagles, Williams had some interesting things to say to CSNPhilly.com.

On being ranked last in the league in pass defense last season: “Look at the numbers, we were the (32nd) pass-ranked defense. To me that’s not very impressive. I don’t think that’s impressive to anybody out here. We have to do better than that. We have to improve.”

On the defense as a whole: “I think it’s going to be a good defense. As a matter of fact, we’re going to be much improved from last season. We’ve got guys who have been in the system now for a year and have that under their belt. We understand what’s expected of us and what we need to do.”

On missing OTAs last year and being outspoken: “Last year was last year. We’re over that. Coach (Chip Kelly) understood and my teammates understood that once we started playing that first season, that first game, all of those things went away. I’m here now and I’m ready to start off on the right foot.”

On winning the NFC East title but falling to the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs: “I just think that everybody is hungry. I think we left a bad taste in our mouth losing at home -- we lost a lot of games at home. Those are the things we want to right this season. Being at practice is important, especially for establishing relationships with guys, establishing a camaraderie. It starts here in OTAs. We just have to continue to work and doing what we’ve been doing, and hopefully everything will run right for us this season.”