Jenkins getting up to speed on Eagles D

The Philadelphia Eagles moved swiftly in signing free agent safety Malcolm Jenkins in the offseason.

Since leaving the New Orleans Saints and joining the Eagles, Jenkins has been learning the new terminology at a fast pace.

It’s the only way he knows.

“When you’re in a meeting, you don’t really have time,” Jenkins told the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal. “You might write everything really quickly. Sometimes it’s unorganized. The way I learn is by writing it down. So I’ll go home and rewrite my notes and organize them into however it is I need to section them off. So when I do go back, I know where to look to find things.”

Jenkins, who signed a three-year contract for $16.25 million, is determined to help the Eagles’ secondary -- especially defending the pass.

The Eagles allowed the most passing yards per game last season, nearly 290 each time out.

“It’s just about making the calls and eliminating the dumb mistakes to where you (don’t allow) big plays or blown coverages,” Jenkins told the News Journal. “That’s where I come in, as far as knowing the defense, making the right calls, and getting everybody lined up so then we can go play fast.”

Training camp is more than one month away and Jenkins plans to be ready in every way.

“Right now, I have a really good grasp on what the book tells us to do,” Jenkins told the News Journal. “For this formation, we’re playing this coverage, and this formation, it’s this coverage. So now, it’s really how I’m going to match this coverage to these routes, and how am I going to put myself in a position to make a play.”