Eagles' Henery has a lot to prove in 2014

Philadelphia Eagles kicker Alex Henery struggled to consistently send his kickoffs into the end zone.

He also missed a crucial 48-yard field goal in the first quarter of what became a 26-24 loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC divisional playoffs.

In the offseason, the Eagles signed undrafted kicker Carey "Murderleg" Spear from Vanderbilt.

A kicker's job in the NFL is rarely secure.

"Competition can always make you better, but it's not like I'm worried about it," Henery told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I'm here to do my thing and do it the best I can. ...I'm a perfectionist. That's what drives me."

Henery is set to begin the final season of his rookie contract. There's a lot to prove.

There always is.

"I do feel stronger, if you measure it by how much you lift," Henery told the Inquirer. "It's like a golfer -- sometimes the guys that can hit it the farthest aren't the biggest guys. I do feel like I've gotten stronger on my kickoffs, but a lot of that is technique, not so much strength."

Including the missed field goal in the playoffs, five of Henery's six attempts that misfired came from 45 yards or longer. His confidence remains strong.

"Coaches always say that four games a year come down to a kick, so you would think somewhere in my three years I would have a game-winning kick," Henery said. "But that's just how it is. When it comes, it comes."