Eagles eager to see revamped defense

Chip Kelly installed a fast-paced offense in his rookie season.

LeSean McCoy led the league in rushing.

The Philadelphia Eagles piled up an incredible amount of total offense. Quarterback Nick Foles threw seven touchdown passes against the Oakland Raiders. The Eagles scored 54 points against the Chicago Bears.

It was fun to watch as the Eagles finished 10-6 and captured the NFC East title under Kelly, who had a strong debut as head coach.

But one big flaw was the defense. Though clutch plays were delivered at times, the defense finished ranked 29th overall and last (32nd) against the pass in the league.

The defense must improve in 2014 for the Eagles to make a deep playoff run.

"I know the pass defense -- there's a lot of things that go into that, pass rush, and the coverage and the understanding, and passing things off together. We grew in that area as the season went on," defensive coordinator Bill Davis told the Philadelphia Daily News. "We added some personnel in that area. I think the communication is going to take another step forward, having a year under our belt."

The Eagles added some pieces on defense, most notably free agent safety Malcolm Jenkins.

"It's a lot different," Davis told the Daily News. "As a coaching staff, we'd never worked together last year, so our communication took some growing. We put the playbook together as a staff, and we kind of looked at the players -- we had to learn about what they could and couldn't do, their strengths and weaknesses. It's night and day compared to last year, from a staff standpoint."

Davis is anxiously anticipating this season and seeing what the improved defense can accomplish.

"These guys get together, they watch film, they've got a hundred questions when we start meetings, which are all signs that the guys are doing their work," Davis said.