Maragos: 'I'm just a football player'

Chris Maragos has always been overlooked.

And that's just fine with him.

Maragos plays with an edge, with something to prove and it works for him. He was a key special-teams player for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks last season but went into the offseason as a free agent.

The safety happily landed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I had four teams interested in me in free agency right off the ball and it felt great," Maragos told the team's offical website. "It was the first time in my career that it happened that way. I had to transfer in high school just to get recruited. Then I went to Western Michigan [as a wide receiver] and nobody knew who I was. Went to Wisconsin [and played wide receiver before moving to safety] and nobody knew who I was. In the NFL, nobody knew me and I didn't get drafted. So to have that kind of interest was great. But it doesn't change the mindset. Not one bit. What can I do to help the Eagles win? That's all I'm about."

Maragos revels in performing on special teams, which is a major need for the Eagles. He's thrilled to be here.

"Am I a football star? I don't know, man. I feel like I'm just a football player," Maragos told Philadelphiaeagles.com. "I started playing football in second grade and wasn't the best player until I got to eighth grade for one year and then I went to high school and wasn't the best player until my senior year and ever since then I still think I'm trying to be the best player. I was very fortunate to have a very competitive environment at a young age and I really had to strive and grind and really focus on details. My mentality has always been to win. I walked on to my college team (Western Michigan) and then transferred to Wisconsin and sat out a year and then walked on there. I wasn't drafted by the NFL and I've bounced around, so I've always had to take care of the little details.

"I think that maybe some of the guys with more talent, as we got to college and the NFL, didn't know how to take care of details and I did," he continued. "So when it came down to a coach relying on somebody, I got the nod. As the doors kept opening, I kept taking advantage of my opportunities."