Earl Wolff working toward shot at 1st team

It doesn't matter if Earl Wolff is practicing with the first team defense or the second team defense.

He still plays with the same intensity. That will never change.

Wolff, a fifth-round draft choice who had an impressive rookie season at safety before a late-season knee injury at Green Bay, is competing against Nate Allen to play with Malcolm Jenkins on the Philadelphia Eagles' first team.

"It's a different rhythm when you're running with a different group," Wolff told Philadelphiaeagles.com after a recent practice. "I guess Nate started feeling badly when he was warming up and coach told me to go with the first team and I feel like I kind of got in a good rhythm with those guys."

Wolff explained how it's slightly different practicing with the first unit or another unit.

"For example, (Chris Maragos) is a new guy, so sometimes he doesn't see the signal or he doesn't see the signal fast, so I'm kind of talking to him," Wolff told Philadelphiaeagles.com. "But those guys (the first team defense), they know exactly what's going on, they line down fast with the ones. Everybody knows what's going on. Communication is a little different when you're running with the ones and twos, but I feel like especially after the first four reps I kind of got into a rhythm with those guys."

Wolff isn't afraid to ask veteran players for advice, which is quite helpful for any young player.

"I feel like it's like a tree, like the young guys might ask me something and then if I have a question I'll ask Malcolm or I'll ask Nate or sometimes I even ask coach," Wolff said. "It all depends on who's around me, but I feel like everybody that I'm asking a question of has pretty good knowledge of the defense."