LeSean McCoy: This is Nick Foles' time

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy discussed the reported four-game suspension of offensive lineman Lane Johnson before accepting the John Wanamaker Athletic Award this week.

Here are some leftovers from McCoy, as told to the Allentown Morning Call:

On quarterback Nick Foles: "He’s at that peak where people know him like, 'Man, this Foles, is he that good?' because you see the stats, you see the numbers. I think this is the year he blows them out like, 'Yeah, I’m Nick Foles. I’m Philadelphia’s quarterback. I’m the guy.' And this is the year he blows it away."

On whether he’s the league’s best running back: "I don’t want to keep saying it over and over. Now it’s time to prove it. I’ve said how I felt, I’ve said what my numbers show. Now it’s time to prove it. ... At the end of the year, we’ll be at the same point again, and I’ll be saying the same thing. I’m tired of really talking about it. Ali said it a lot, but he didn’t say it all the time."