Phillips looks to contribute on special teams

Jeremy Maclin wasn't the only member of the Philadelphia Eagles to tear an ACL during training camp last year.

The same thing happened to special teams standout Jason Phillips.

Phillips went through the proper steps of rehabilitation and came back strong. Understanding how to deal with the situation was also crucial.

"It was pretty rough, but I went through it my rookie year in Baltimore and I knew how to deal with it," Phillips told the Delaware County Daily Times. "I got hurt at the combine. I tore the other knee just doing random drills. I felt something and didn't really notice it and finished it out and before the last drill, I was just done. I woke up the next day and it was [swollen]. I kept my mind in the game, but not so much where it made me miserable because I knew what I was missing.

"I kept up with what was going on with the defense and how we were playing. But that taught me how to deal with it."

Phillips is also a capable inside linebacker but makes his presence known most on special teams.

"I think me being able to come in and contribute on special teams is going to help them advance it even more," Phillips said. "And just watching [linebacker DeMeco Ryans], he's another guy like Ray [Lewis], who knows every aspect of the defense. I just want to be able to be a solid backup for him. And then maybe if I get my chance, take a shot at playing linebacker for us. Probably inside. My strength is inside."

The Eagles are the third stop in Phillips' career. There's a tremendous opportunity to contribute on special teams with the Eagles and he fully grasps that fact.

"Everybody is at the top of their game here," Phillips said. "You just come in day after day and do what you do as best as you can do it, and then what happens, happens, and you move on from there."