LeSean McCoy earns high rank, high praise

LeSean McCoy clearly has the utmost respect from his peers.

That was evident when the NFL Network released its top 100 players of 2014 and the Philadelphia Eagles running back came in at No. 5.

That was also evident when other players around the league were asked about McCoy.

A number of comments are available on NFL.com and also cited on Philly.com.

Here’s a sampling:

"His vision, his moves … he’s a nightmare,” Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu said. “I remember personally, playing against the Eagles, he jumped in the hole, he saw me in the hole, he stiff-armed me, jumped back out of the hole and ran for 10 yards. ... The first guy is always going to miss, the second guy is going to miss him, and possibly a third guy is going to miss, so all 11 guys have to run to the football. Sometimes all 11 guys miss. ... He's like a Barry Sanders. He’s all of that in one.”

“I haven't seen anyone pull moves like that since Barry [Sanders],” Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan said. “That’s a high thing to say. Now I’m not saying he’s up there, but I’ll say he’s got some moves. He’ll leave you in the dirt.”

“When we play the Eagles it’s all about contain, contain, contain, contain,” Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich said. “Set the edges, and keep that dude in the middle. And the problem for us is, we’re trying to defend it, and they run the read option. And we don’t know if it was supposed to be a give, or if he was supposed to go right or supposed to go left, so as a defense we try to look at blocking schemes and say, ‘Yo, this is the play.’ But when you have LeSean McCoy in the backfield, you don’t know what the play is and you don’t know how to study it. That makes him a very dangerous weapon.”