LeSean McCoy on Eagles' team chemistry

LeSean McCoy's "Shades of Greatness" weekend attracted numerous current and former Philadelphia Eagles.

While the weekend was about raising money for ALS, players were asked about a variety of subjects.

Here's a sampling from Philly.com.

McCoy, on the weekend: "We're a good group. I even got DeSean Jackson. You know what happened. Obviously, he's not an Eagle anymore, but the friendship and the bond is still there. He supports me in anything that I have, and vice versa. I do the same. I'm just happy to have him here. And all my teammates, I (could) name them all day. They came out to support me. That's what it's all about. It starts off the field, bonding together, working as one to get what we really want, and that's a championship.”

McCoy, on creating this charity after his grandmother lost her battle with ALS: A couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with ALS, and it slowly diminished her body. The positive thing from that was what it did for my family and myself. I think sometimes when I face adversity I look back to how she fought and struggled with the disease that she had, the different symptoms it caused her. So there are times where I'm complaining about different things, where it's not as serious as the things she fought."

Safety Earl Wolff, on the chemistry of the Eagles: "It's kind of crazy how close we are. It's like a brotherhood, like we're all really, really close. For example, guys like (free agent safety) Chris Maragos. … He came from Seattle. He said (the Seahawks) were pretty close, but he's never seen guys that are as tight-knit as we are. We're all like brothers. I feel like Coach (Chip) Kelly and the coaches do a good job keeping us together."

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, on how his knee feels one year after tearing an ACL: "In some ways, I feel faster. In some ways I feel more fresh, more physically strong. I just think you put so much hard work into your rehab process that that's kind of what happens. You get that leg back. You build that leg back stronger. So like I said, I'm really looking forward to this year."