Kelce discusses Johnson suspension, Kelly

Center Jason Kelce is one of the most personable players on the Philadelphia Eagles.

He’s also one of the most accessible.

Kelce is always willing to express his opinion with the media, and he had some very interesting things to offer in a wide-ranging interview on 94-WIP radio.

Here are a couple of highlights from the interview:

On offensive lineman Lane Johnson's reported four-game suspension to open the season for performance-enhancing drugs: “Obviously it’s not something we’re happy about. Lane is a guy that really developed well last year. He was looking great in the offseason, so I was really excited to see what he could do. He'll still be out there this season but through the first four games I was excited to see how much better he was this year than last year. He made a terrible… he made a mistake. He made a poor decision. This is something that I don't think is that big of a deal in terms of what he was doing. But obviously you're cheating your season four games.”

On coach Chip Kelly: “[Kelly] is one of the smartest guys I have ever been around. He communicates with his players so at all times you know what's being asked of you. One of the things that a lot of coaches and a lot of organizations struggle with is that everything is not crystal clear. The direction of what you're trying to do, not just as a player, but as a team in general over the course of the season -- a lot of the times coaches aren't very clear on what that demand is. With Chip, every single day there's a mission set in place, there's a culture set in place he wants us to abide by. You understand what's set in place, the precedent that's set in place, and everybody's being asked the same thing. And that's why you do it because the guys next to you are willing to do the exact same thing for you.”