Brandon Boykin believes he can get better

Brandon Boykin hauled in six interceptions last season.

He’s expecting even more production this season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The diminutive cornerback was one of the most improved players on the Eagles last season, and he developed into a solid starter.

“The thing that I want to work on this year is being fundamentally sound throughout the entire year,” Boykin told Comcast SportsNet’s "Philly Sports Talk." "For me, I started out really good fundamentally and then towards the end of the year your body gets tired … you start trying to slack up. If I can stay fundamentally sound I think I can capitalize on such a great year that I had last year.”

Whether he’s playing in the slot or on the outside, Boykin simply wants to be consistent and produce.

“No, I don’t really have a preference, I am a slot corner,” Boykin told Philly Sports Talk. “I specialize in the slot and I’ve had success there but I can also play outside. I played outside last year for a good amount when I was needed and in our scheme [the slot] is where I fit best. I have the talent and the ability to play outside, but that’s not where I need to be right here.”

The Eagles’ defense steadily improved under defensive coordinator Bill Davis. It didn’t put a scare into any team, but it got better almost every week.

“It depends on how you look at it, but I think we had a really good season in terms of turnovers,” Boykin told Philly Sports Talk. “We want to build on that … that was our first year in the scheme but we’re looking to capitalize on that. Everybody’s more comfortable this year so [we’ll get] more picks for sure.”