Eagles Camp Report: Day 15

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A daily review of the hot topics coming out of Philadelphia Eagles training camp:

The Eagles certainly got the full-range of weather from their three-day visit with the New England Patriots. The teams conducted a full practice Tuesday afternoon in typical August heat. Wednesday’s practice was moved to the morning but was conducted in a steady rain. The teams move Thursday’s lighter workout to 9 a.m. and were rewarded with bright sun and a cool breeze. The forecast is for similar weather for Friday night’s game.

• Center Jason Kelce said the combined workouts helped the Eagles build a sense of team. “It’s very beneficial for both squads,” Kelce said. “Any time you can get multiple reps against something that is unfamiliar and different in approach, it helps you make your overall game better. It’s almost like an extra preseason game. That’s what camp has a tendency to do. A lot of times you’re going against the same guy, you’re competing, you’re trying to get a job. Teams, which are close-knit in-season, during camp can get a little hostile, because guys are trying to get spots locked in. To come here as a team playing against a different team, it’s no longer offense versus defense, no longer me versus [nose tackles] Bennie Logan and Beau Allen. You get down to a collective `we’ instead of an `I.’"

• It was interesting, too, to watch the players interact with each other after practicing on the same fields for two hours. Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was chatting with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after Wednesday’s session: “Just wishing each other luck,” McCoy said. Nick Foles walked back to the locker room talking with one of the Patriots’ wide receivers Thursday. And as Eagles Kelce talked to a couple of reporters, Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork shouted “rock star” at him. The two spent the previous three days locked in the trenches, but Wilfork made Kelce laughed out loud at that one.

• Although it was more of a game-preparation session, Thursday’s practice had a few highlights. There was a lot of red zone work, with Foles and Brady working to find receivers against defenders with superior numbers. Foles connected with Brad Smith for a couple of scores. Later, Mark Sanchez seemed to have developed a bond with tight end Zach Ertz. Wide receiver Riley Cooper didn’t take part in those drills but caught passes in the back corners of the end zone, first left, then right, from all four Eagles quarterbacks.

• The Eagles will return to Philadelphia after the game at Gillette Stadium. They will be off on Saturday. On Sunday, the Eagles will return to practicing at the NovaCare Complex in preparation for their first preseason home game Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Starters typically play more in the third preseason game than in the other three.