Toughness still a Brent Celek trait

PHILADELPHIA -- Brent Celek wants to be known as a tight end who can take a hit.

That certainly was the case last Friday in the Philadelphia Eagles' second preseason game against New England. In the second quarter, Celek caught a 22-yard pass from Nick Foles and as he turned up field was popped in the chest by Patriots safety Patrick Chung, a former Eagle.

Celek’s helmet came off but he immediately jumped off the turf.

“He can take a punch, that’s for sure,” said Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. “He’s displayed that throughout his career. Some guys can take a punch. Some guys can’t. I think I rated him as a 10 on a toughness scale earlier in the week, and he probably should be an 11.

“I think that’s what makes him such a fun guy to coach and be around is he begins by being very tough. I think if every player on the field were like that, then we’d be really going."

The 29-year-old Celek is entering his eighth season with the Eagles. He is the second-most prolific tight end in Philadelphia history behind Pete Retzlaff. Celek has 3,975 career receiving yards, 26 career touchdowns and 312 career receptions.

And he has taken numerous hits and always tries to bounce right back.

“I don’t want a guy that hits me like that – because [Chung] got a good shot on me – but I don’t want him to know that he did anything to me,” Celek said.