Locker Room Buzz: Philadelphia Eagles

DENVER -- Seen and heard in the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room immediately after their 52-20 loss to the Denver Broncos:

Breathless: LeSean McCoy didn’t have the wind knocked out of him in the first half. He just didn’t have any wind to begin with. “I couldn’t breathe,” McCoy said. “I needed the oxygen mask. I didn’t adapt to the weather until the second half. I couldn’t breathe at all.” So much for the Eagles’ pregame belief that the altitude wouldn’t affect them.

Response time: Chip Kelly doesn’t know how his players will react to a 32-point embarrassment, their third loss in a row. “I’ll really be able to answer that question Tuesday when we get back on the practice field,” Kelly said. “If we’re hanging our heads and feeling sorry for ourselves, I’ll say we didn’t have any progress.”

Peyton Manning is really good: That is obvious from the 37-year-old quarterback’s record-breaking start. But the Eagles spent about three hours discovering firsthand just how good, how smart and how accurate Manning is. “There’s no question you’re frustrated,” cornerback Cary Williams said. “Four teams have tried to stop them,” Kelly said. “They haven’t yet.”

The NFC East looks like home: After three losses to AFC West teams, the Eagles get their NFC East rivals, the New York Giants, next week. "It's a must-win game," Williams said.