Kelly has reasons for being vague on Vick

PHILADELPHIA -- It isn’t hard to think of reasons Chip Kelly might stop short of the full truth about the status of injured Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

About 30 minutes after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Vick will not play in Tampa Sunday because of his hamstring pull -- a report later confirmed by several media outlets -- Kelly said the Eagles “have not made any decision on who our starting quarterback will be.”

Kelly gains nothing by giving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers two extra days to prepare for Nick Foles, who brings a very different skill set from Vick’s. That’s the easiest and most obvious explanation for Kelly’s “I know nothing” stance.

The NFL doesn’t require practice participation reports until Wednesday, so Kelly will report Vick’s status on Wednesday.

There are a couple of other reasons. For one, Kelly is encouraging Vick to focus on rehabbing the hamstring with a positive attitude. For another, he is allowing for the possibility that Vick somehow does get himself ready.

Kelly has been consistent in the way he addresses injuries. The medical staff handles them and informs the coach whether a player is able to practice or play, and that’s it. At least publicly, Kelly does not concern himself with the details.

Kelly confirmed that Vick had an MRI Monday morning. As for the degree of the injury?

“I didn’t ask,” Kelly said. “I don’t get the results. They just tell me if he can go.”

Given his attention to detail in other areas, chances are Kelly knows exactly what the diagnosis is for every injured player -- especially his starting quarterback. But this approach allows Kelly to be as vague as he likes when answering questions from reporters.

So it is perfectly consistent for Kelly to say Vick is “day to day. I don’t know if he’ll play Sunday. We’ll see how he goes through the rehab process.”