QB Watch: Eagles' Michael Vick

A weekly analysis of the Eagles' quarterback play.

Rewind: Thursday’s performance by Michael Vick really was like a rewind -- all the way back to 2012. After two nearly mistake-free games under Chip Kelly, Vick turned the ball over three times, including a pick-six and a late fumble that ended any hope for an Eagles comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs. Vick also took six sacks.

Fast-forward: The Denver Broncos have some of the same elements that created problems for Vick in the Chiefs game. If Champ Bailey returns, he and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie would give Denver two corners capable of duplicating the Chiefs’ man-to-man coverage. That forced Vick to hold the ball too long, neutralized DeSean Jackson and eliminated the screen game from Chip Kelly’s offense. Denver’s front seven may not be as dominating as K.C.’s, but it is still pretty imposing. And Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was handed some interesting insight by the Chiefs’ game plan.

Sacked: Kelly has often said that all sacks are ultimately the quarterback’s responsibility. He has veered from that as he protects his current quarterback. “It depends on which [sack] you’re talking about,” Kelly said Tuesday. “There could have been a sack where Mike held the ball too long. There could also be a sack on seven-man protection, and he thinks he is picked up and he gets hit at the top of his drop.”

Prediction: This game figures to be a shootout, and Vick is going to have to rise to the challenge of competing against Peyton Manning. Just a hunch, but expect him to have a bounce-back game. It may not be enough to outscore the Broncos' offense, but Vick tends to respond when there’s pride on the line.