Jeremy Maclin on track in recovery

ORLANDO, Fla. -- After tearing his right ACL last July, Philadelphia Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin is on the comeback trail and coach Chip Kelly struck an optimistic tone about his progress.

“Mac is doing well, rehab-wise,” Kelly said at the NFL’s annual meeting. “One thing about Mac, he’s been there every single day, even last year during the season he attended position meetings and was in the training room it seemed like every day. There are a few guys -- Mac, [linebacker] Jason Phillips, that you kind of see every day. Arrelious Benn was the same way, in that those guys really attacked rehab.

“According to what everybody is saying, he’s on track. I think it was a big blow for us losing him in the preseason, because I was excited to work through OTAs and minicamp with him. He’s very, very talented. He’s one of those guys that if we’re going to see a lot of man coverage, I think can do a really, really good job because he’s such a precise route-runner, has outstanding speed, and is good after the catch.

“So we’re excited to have him back. I don’t know exactly what his status will be in the offseason, through OTAs and minicamp, but I know he’ll be 100 percent when we get to camp.”

With speculation swirling about DeSean Jackson’s future with the Eagles, Maclin’s presence could become that much more important.