Offseason blueprint: Eagles

PHILADELPHIA -- When it comes to knowing what the Philadelphia Eagles should do this offseason to improve on Chip Kelly's impressive debut season, we all have opinions.

This blueprint from ESPN InsiderInsider compiles the thoughts of some pretty good architects -- former Eagles personnel man Louis Riddick, Matt Williamson, KC Joyner, Khaled Esayed and Mel Kiper Jr.

Joyner looks at free agency, which is the next big piece of the offseason puzzle. Like many of you, he thinks the Eagles have been there, done that with modestly priced safeties and need to invest in a difference-maker. Along with Cleveland's oft-mentioned T.J. Ward, though, Joyner also suggests Darian Stewart of the St. Louis Rams.

There’s plenty of interesting stuff here. You might not agree with all of it -- I didn’t -- but that’s part of the fun.