Allen may be more than just run-stuffer

PHILADELPHIA -- The NFL draft had entered the seventh round and Beau Allen's name hadn't been called yet.

His nerves became more frayed.

And then the Philadelphia Eagles jumped in, much to the delight of the 6-foot-6, 330-pound defensive tackle from Wisconsin.

"I was starting to really cover all of my bases, so to say," Allen said. "I was fielding calls from different teams about free agency and whatnot, and the funny thing is that I was talking to my agent and he said, 'I just talked to the Eagles about free agency and they seem really interested,' and I said, 'OK, well they have a pick coming up, so we might as well just wait until after that pick until we talk about it again.'

"I went on a visit with them and it went really well, and that was basically the team that I was the most interested in, and they picked me and I was stunned and it just felt great to get to that phone call."

Allen was extremely productive and reliable at Wisconsin and played in 54 straight games over four seasons. He completed his career with 94 tackles, 15 tackles for loss and eight sacks.

"They want a guy that can be active as a pass-rusher and can run sideline to sideline and give great effort, and those are the things that I bring to the table," Allen said. "Sometimes, I get the unfortunate knock of just being a run-stuffer, but I don't see myself like that at all. I see myself as an athletic guy that can move and rush the passer well. I think I bring a lot to the table and obviously so do the Eagles coaching staff or else they wouldn't have drafted me."