NFLN survey/franchise player: Eagles

PHILADELPHIA -- Quarterback. When asked to name the first player they would pick to start a franchise, players from every corner of the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room went with a quarterback -- with one exception.

Maybe it’s because the Eagles were preparing to play the Detroit Lions at the time of the polling, but one player named wide receiver Calvin Johnson. His thinking: Johnson will make any quarterback better.

Otherwise, the Eagles’ voting echoed the national results. Peyton Manning, who finished No. 1 in the NFL Nation survey, was tied for second with Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers in the Eagles' locker room. Tom Brady and Cam Newton also received votes.

But Andrew Luck, a guy the Eagles haven’t faced, was the leading vote-getter with three votes. The players who named Luck cited his youth as a factor. They wanted the next great quarterback to build with. Those who named Manning and Brady said they would want to win right away.