NFLN survey/popular coach: Eagles

PHILADELPHIA -- When asked what NFL coach besides Chip Kelly they would most like to play for, it’s probably not surprising that four of the 10 Philadelphia Eagles surveyed named the only other NFL head coach they have played for.

It’s a bit more surprising that Andy Reid (6.9 percent) was right there with John Fox (7.8), Rex Ryan (7.2) and Bill Belichick (6.9) in the league-wide NFL Confidential survey conducted by ESPN.com.

Seattle’s boisterous Pete Carroll, named by 22.5 percent of players, was at the top of the poll. Pittsburgh’s consistently successful Mike Tomlin (13.8 percent) was second. Denver’s Fox was third.

Kelly, the Eagles’ first-year head coach, was named by two of the 320 players surveyed. That tied him with Miami’s Joe Philbin, among others. That probably says more about Kelly’s brief NFL tenure, so far, than anything else.

Among Eagles, Belichick was the only coach other than Reid to receive multiple votes. Two players named the three-time Super Bowl winner.