Pittsburgh Steelers have seven picks in 2016 NFL draft, including two seventh-rounders

The Pittsburgh Steelers have seven selections in the 2016 NFL draft, which will be held April 28-30 in Chicago. Here's a breakdown of the Steelers' selections.

First round: 25th overall selection

Second round: 58th overall selection

Third round: 89th overall selection

Fourth round: 123rd overall selection

Sixth round: 220th overall pick (compensatory)

Seventh round: 229th overall pick

Seventh round: 246th overall pick

Note: The Steelers lost the 164th and 201st picks in trades for the rights to cornerback Brandon Boykin and kicker Josh Scobee, neither of whom are on the roster. That leaves the Steelers with a 97-pick gap from the fourth round to the sixth. That's a lot of waiting. But generally, the team can do damage with this draft, especially in the first four rounds.