So when did Andy Dalton get more famous than Ben Roethlisberger?

The Red Rifle is more famous than Big Ben? A recount might be in order. Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's World Fame 100 -- which is definitely worth checking out -- included 12 quarterbacks, 10 of whom are ranked higher than Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger based on several metrics, such as salary, endorsements and online reach.

Many of these are easily explainable, such as Cam Newton and Peyton Manning in the top 50. Other rankings are curious, such as the Red Rifle himself, Andy Dalton, coming in at No. 95, three spots ahead of Roethlisberger (No. 98).

Roethlisberger does minimal commercial work and keeps a low profile on social media. This is by design. He seems to like it that way. Those two factors were bound to affect his ranking in such a setting.

But, Andy Dalton? Make no mistake: He's famous. The hair is outstanding, and he's coming off a big year. Andy is good for the league. But if he's "best known for what he can't get done," as his Fame 100 bio points out, that's not a powerful enough metric to surpass Roethlisberger's three Super Bowl appearances and two wins.

Here's Roethlisberger's fame bio, courtesy of ESPN's Dan Graziano:

The youngest quarterback ever to win the Super Bowl, which Roethlisberger was when he steered the Steelers to a Super Bowl XL victory over the Seahawks at the age of 23. He added a second championship three years later to stamp himself as an all-time winner in a city whose football tradition demands the very best. Roethlisberger's early-career fame was not of the best variety, as off-field issues earned him a four-game suspension to start the 2010 season. But he has managed to stay out of trouble since, and his fame has increased for on-field, football-related reasons.

The key phrasing is "football-related reasons." I'm pretty sure at least half of the quarterbacks in front of Roethlisberger have been in a DirecTV "Sunday Ticket" commercial. Those appearances resonate with people. Big Ben doesn't do those. So, he's mostly going off wins, a big arm and a cool nickname. In today's attention-seeking sports domain, that's not enough.

Flip Dalton and Roethlisberger spots, and I'm cool with this list.