Steelers' Artie Burns can help family of five with $5.2M signing bonus

The Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday announced the signing of first-round cornerback Artie Burns, who will gladly sign his new four-year contract.

A source says Burns is getting $9.59 million over four years, including a $5.175-million signing bonus. Burns can spend this money on his new family of five. Last week, ESPN told the story of Burns' extreme adversity. His father is in prison for drug trafficking and his mother died of a heart attack in October. So, Burns is moving his girlfriend, 1-year-old son A.J. and two teenage brothers to Pittsburgh.

From the story:

Burns finds himself fueled by loss, almost emboldened by it. He covers wide receivers by day and two generations of family at night. He has taken younger brothers -- Thomas, now 16, and Jordan, 13 -- to track meets and football practices. He's scouting Pittsburgh-area schools for them. He's waiting to sign his rookie contract after which he plans to move girlfriend Ella, 1-year-old son A.J. and his brothers to Pennsylvania full-time.

All this must be carried out. Burns has made promises. Before his mother died, Burns said he would take care of everything, just as she had for so long.

"I'm the provider for my household," said Burns, a former Miami Hurricanes star who is now the Steelers' rookie cornerback.

He can certainly be that now. And he'll make more than last year's No. 25 pick, Carolina Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson, who got $7.172 million guaranteed and a $4.66-million signing bonus.