Terry Bradshaw regrets 'cheerleader' line; didn't like Mike Tomlin's response

PITTSBURGH -- A few weeks after the Mike Tomlin diss that rankled Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Terry Bradshaw backtracked, then criticized Tomlin one more time.

Bradshaw said this week while appearing on Fox Sports 1's "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" that he should not have reduced Tomlin to a "cheerleader guy" as a coach. But he also wasn't pleased with Tomlin's reaction.

"I didn't regret it until I actually forgot about it," Bradshaw said on the program. "Mike came back at me, which he should have never done. It's like [Clemson coach] Dabo [Swinney], don't let people know that you get to them. Just blow it off. He responded. And that's fine. I probably shouldn't have said cheerleader. But to me he's on the sideline [moving around], that's what I thought about."

Bradshaw, a Steelers great from 1970 to 1983, said on FS1 on Dec. 23 that Tomlin wasn't a great coach "at all" and is "really a great cheerleader guy. I don't know what he does."

When responding four days later, Tomlin said greatness is a category reserved for a select few, such as Bill Belichick or NBA coach Gregg Popovich, but he didn't appreciate the cheerleader line.

"Terms like 'cheerleader guy,' to me, maybe fall outside of bounds of critique or criticism," Tomlin said. "They probably fall more toward the area of disrespect and unprofessional. But what do I know? I grew up a Dallas fan. Particularly a [Thomas] 'Hollywood' Henderson fan."

In 1979, Henderson famously said about Bradshaw at the height of the Steelers-Cowboys rivalry: "He couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the C and the A."

Several Steelers players publicly defended Tomlin, who has 103 regular-season wins and five AFC North titles in 10 seasons.

With Bradshaw's latest comments, perhaps this story will officially go away.