Football flicks that resonate with Steelers

PITTSBURGH -- Ask Troy Polamalu his favorite sports movies and the Steelers strong safety doesn't hesitate when it comes to three of the major sports.

“Basketball it's definitely Hoosiers, ” Polamalu said. “Hockey it's Miracle, baseball it's Major League.”

Football movies aren't as easy for Polamalu to pinpoint a favorite one.

That is probably because there are so many good ones, ranging from inspirational and tear-jerkers to comedies and even comedic farces such as The Waterboy, a favorite of wide receiver Antonio Brown and cornerback Ike Taylor.

Polamalu may not be able to name a favorite football flick but one scene stands out to him.

“Any Given Sunday has one of the great pre-game speeches by Al Pacino,” Polamalu said.

A canvassing of the Steelers' locker room produced a variety of favorite football movies from the players.

DE Brett Keisel, Rudy: “My favorite scene is probably the end when he's worked his whole career and gotten beat in the face and stepped on and crushed and never had a chance to play and he goes out there and plays and ends up making a play in the game. Those kinds of stories are great where someone who really shouldn't have been in a uniform worked and never gave up, and it ended up being a great story that people can relate to.”

WR Jerricho Cotchery, We Are Marshall: “That's my favorite, hands down. That's a true story of perseverance and just enduring. I think it correlates so much with life. You're faced with a hard, difficult circumstance in life and you come together and get through it. The movie exemplifies everything that life throws at you and they were able to get through it in an amazing way.”

LB LaMarr Woodley, Any Given Sunday: “The scene where Jamie Foxx was talking to Lawrence Taylor in the steam room, I forgot what it was about but it was a serious conversation, something that was realistic. It seems more realistic than any other (football) movie. That's what I like about it.”

QB Bruce Gradkowski, Varsity Blues: “It's a classic because you just see how important high school football is, and it just makes you think back when you were in high school and how serious you take it. You just live and die football. That's everything to you at that moment. You feel like there's no life after high school football.”

WR Emmanuel Sanders, Friday Night Lights: “I always like high school movies because it's just real, raw, uncut football, and I come from a small town (in Texas) so my town is kind of like (the one depicted in the movie). When they were going out of town you see 50 cars following the bus.”

RB Le'Veon Bell, Remember the Titans: “It's just a great movie. My favorite actor personally is Denzel Washington. Plus, Remember the Titans is a classic football movie. I like the part when they're at practice and Blue asks for water and (Washington's character) is like 'We're going to do ups downs until Blue is no longer tired or thirsty.' ”

LB Larry Foote, All the Right Moves: “It was a real high school-football movie. Great plot. That's the only thing I knew about Pittsburgh before coming here besides the Steel Curtain.”

RB Jonathan Dwyer, Varsity Blues: “It shows how high school players really are and how we really think. We're about playing ball, getting to college and there's always that one guy who just likes to play and have a good time with the girls. It's a good comedy and something you can relate to.”

WR Derek Moye, Remember the Titans: “Any movie Denzel's in is going to probably be a good movie. I just think it shows people how football can work in society and bring people together. ”