Cotchery: 'A Super Bowl can be won here'

PITTSBURGH -- Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery’s top priority now that he is on the back end of an extremely productive career is to give himself a legitimate chance to get to the Super Bowl.

That goal is probably the main reason why he would like to stay in Pittsburgh.

“I believe a Super Bowl can be won here with this group,” said Cotchery, who is among the Steelers’ unrestricted free agents. “There are going to be changes, that’s the nature of the NFL, but you’ve got ( Ben Roethlisberger) behind the center and the way he played this year, he carried us a lot so you’re always going to have a chance with him behind center. I’ve been having a blast catching passes from him. That’s what a receiver dreams of, playing with a quarterback like him.”

The feeling is probably mutual.

Cotchery is the kind of wide receiver that quarterbacks love because he is so trustworthy, whether the 10th-year veteran is running a precise route to the sure hands that also make him an attractive target.

Re-signing Cotchery should be one of the Steelers’ top priorities, especially since Emmanuel Sanders is at least likely to see what he can fetch on the open market a year after he Patriots tried to sign him as a restricted free agent.

Cotchery caught a career-high 10 touchdown passes this season, one more than Josh Gordon, who led the NFL in receiving, and he is an ideal No. 3 wide receiver. He is great in the locker room and as this season showed Cotchery has plenty of game left in him after he didn’t play much the previous two seasons because there simply weren’t many opportunities for a No. 4 wide receiver in the Steelers' offense.

Re-signing Cotchery should be a no-brainer for the Steelers, who have plenty of other tough decisions to make this offseason. And it is probably an understatement to say Cotchery is amenable to staying in Pittsburgh.

“The pieces are here,” Cotchery said. “I keep hearing a lot of talk about the team being old and things of that nature but we played a lot of young guys this year and we grew a lot together and I thought you saw that the second half of the year. A lot of young guys got an unbelievable amount of experience this year and I think it’s going to help them moving forward.”