QB run in AFC title game continues

PITTSBURGH -- Here is a question that will stretch the memory and makes for great trivia: Name the last AFC Championship game that didn't have Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger or Peyton Manning playing in it?

Answer: That hasn't happened since 2002, when the quarterbacks were Rich Gannon (Raiders) and the late Steve McNair (Titans).

Brady, Roethlisberger and Brady have played in a combined 13 AFC Championship games since 2003. That number increases to 15 on Sunday when the Patriots and Broncos meet in Denver.

That is an incredible number, especially when juxtaposed with the NFC Championship game during that span.

Only one NFC quarterback has played in more than two championship games since 2002, with Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb (three) heading that list. The only other NFC quarterbacks to play in two championship games since 2002 are New York's Eli Manning and Carolina's Jake Delhomme.

After Sunday, Brady will have played in an astounding seven of the last 11 AFC Championship games followed by four apiece for Roethlisberger and Manning.