Steelers improve Super Bowl odds

The Pittsburgh Steelers have done little in free agency, but that hasn’t stopped them from improving their odds of winning the 2015 Super Bowl, according to Bovada, an online sports betting site.

Bovada has the Steelers at 20/1 odds after previously giving them a 25/1 chance (on Feb. 2) of winning the next Super Bowl.

The Steelers have the eighth-best odds of winning the Super Bowl, according to Bovada, and are tops among teams in the AFC North.

Ahead of the Steelers are the Seattle Seahawks (6/1), Green Bay Packers (7/1), New England Patriots (7/1), Indianapolis Colts (8/1), Denver Broncos (12/1), Dallas Cowboys (14/1) and Philadelphia Eagles (18/1).

The Eagles improved their odds -- they had previously been 20/1 -- despite turning over their roster. The Colts jumped from 14/1 odds after signing wide receiver Andre Johnson, running back Frank Gore, and defensive end Trent Cole.

Bovada’s Super Bowl odds for the rest of the AFC North are 25/1 for the Baltimore Ravens, 33/1 for the Cincinnati Bengals, and 75/1 for the Cleveland Browns.

The two teams with the worst odds of winning the 2015 Super Bowl, according to Bovada, are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

Both are 200/1 odds.