Garvin block and other Tomlin takes

PITTSBURGH -- It seems a foregone conclusion that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin is going to get fined for the block that broke Kevin Huber's jaw and also left the Cincinnati Bengals punter with a cracked vertebrae.

Mike Tomlin seemed resigned to that though he defended Garvin for doing his job on Antonio Brown's 67-yard punt return and not just gratuitously blowing up a punter who was trailing the play.

"What he's supposed to do and what transpired on that play are two different things," Tomlin said. "The nature in which the block unfolded is obviously not what we're looking for. It's not what we coach, it's not what he wants but that play hit pretty quickly. We'll wait for potential judgment from the league."

Here are some other odds and ends from Tomlin's weekly news conference.

-- Kelvin Beachum has been a pleasant surprise at left tackle, but Tomlin did not give an indication as to whether the Steelers think he is the long-term answer at the position. "It depends on how he plays," the seventh-year coach said.

-- Tomlin acknowledged that rookie Jarvis Jones needs to get stronger but he said that is almost always the case with young players, especially at outside linebacker. "Most of these guys have earned their reputations on their ability to rush the passer and they're edge players," Tomlin said. "But often times they're matched up against big, strong people in the run game, whether it's tackles or multiple tight ends." Tomlin added that the one exception to the rule about outside linebackers needing to bulk up after their first season is LaMarr Woodley.

-- Tomlin said weather won't be an issue in Green Bay even if the wind chill factor dips below zero. "It's less about the weather and more about weather conditions," Tomlin said. "Whether it's wind or surface area, those are the things, the elements that you spend time discussing. I imagine it's going to be the same temperature on their sideline as it is on ours."

-- The Steelers signed Jamaal Westerman to take outside linebacker Woodley's spot on the 53-man roster. The is Westerman's fifth NFL team, and he had most recently been with the Bills before getting released on Dec. 10. Westerman has played in 57 career games and made three starts.