Super Bowl will have added layer of intrigue

PITTSBURGH -- The NFL couldn’t have asked for more from the second round of the playoffs as the four games produced yet another Tom Brady-Peyton Manning showdown as well as the renewal of a rivalry that bears a striking resemblance to Steelers-Ravens when those teams are at their best.

No matter how the championship games shake out next Sunday, the NFL is going to get a compelling matchup for the Super Bowl. The biggest question leading up to the Feb. 2 game, however, is whether the weather will cooperate.

MetLife Stadium, which sits in the shadow of New York City, is the Super Bowl venue this year. And given how harsh this winter has been cold weather and snow could become a factor for the first time in the game’s illustrious history.

“It might be fun to have some snow for the Super Bowl,” Steelers president Art Rooney II said with a smile.

The key word there is "some" as weather could seriously complicate things this year and not just on the field. The New York City area is hosting the Super Bowl for the first time and there could be all sorts of logistical issues if snow buries the Big Apple the week of the game.

“I think people are watching this one and seeing how it goes,” Rooney said of the NFL’s grand experiment. “I don’t think it’s going to become a regular rotation, that there will be outdoor games.”

But, Rooney added, “If it comes off without a hitch then maybe we will see more (outdoor) games.”

The obvious follow up to that observation is whether Pittsburgh could ever be a candidate to host a Super Bowl.

“We’d look at it,” Rooney said. “It takes a lot to host the Super Bowl. We would have to put together all of the kinds of support from both private and public sector. Whether that’s doable here or not I cannot say, but I wouldn’t be opposed to taking a look at it.”

Those comments show why there is an added layer of intrigue to the Super Bowl this year.

If New York pulls off hosting the game with a minimal number of glitches then it brings a lot of cities into play for future Super Bowls.

Could Pittsburgh ever seriously be considered for hosting one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world? It is too early to tell.

And any future discussion of that hinges on what happens in a couple of weeks in New York.