Super Bowl ads being sold too cheaply

CBS is announcing on Friday that it has sold out 90 percent of its Super Bowl ad inventory.

"We have a handful of units left," CBS' executive vice president of sports sales told USA Today. "We're pacing well ahead of last time we had the game."

While I'm sure the folks at CBS are pleased to be getting a roughly 7 percent bump from last year (average spots are up between $3.7 million to $3.8 million from $3.5 million last year), it's clearly not enough.

We're five months before the Super Bowl. If spots for the game are that good of a value, then obviously they're not expensive enough.

I've thought this way for years when network executives congratulate their sales team so far in advance. They should be bashed. Starting in 2014, CBS will be paying $1 billion a year for its NFL rights. It's not like now is the time to leave money on the table.

If you can't do a good job at figuring out how much spots are worth, and how to maximize them, hold an auction and see how much you can get for them.