Feeding athletes after game not a violation

After Oregon State beat UCLA on Saturday night, Beavers coach Mike Riley tweeted that he was getting what he promised: 200 double-doubles with fries from In-N-Out Burger.

Many people tweeted at me that this has to be an NCAA violation.

Well, it's not.

There is no limit on the value of a postgame meal or any meal surrounding competition, which falls under an "occasional meal," according to NCAA bylaws. In fact, it's well-known that some schools spend north of $60 a player on a big Friday night meal.

If players are going to get the meal themselves after a game, there is a limit on how much money a school can provide -- $15 per player.

While In-N-Out certainly has a cult following, it's actually cheaper than providing the players with money. Let's assume that each player got two double-doubles, two fries and two drinks. That's still only about $13 a player.