State Farm benefiting from 'Discount' ads

Few commercials break through the clutter of today's marketplace.

State Farm's "Discount Double Check" is one of those exceptions.

The insurance company's campaign, which stars Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his signature move of displaying his phantom championship belt, is now part of pop culture.

How do I know?

Well, consider this: During the Packers' blowout against the Houston Texans on Sunday night -- Rodgers threw for six touchdowns -- the words "Discount Double Check" appeared on 1 percent of all social media commentary on Twitter and Facebook surrounding the game, according to Bluefin Labs, a social media tracking company.

During the game and three hours after it, Bluefin Labs says there were 6,400 comments about "Discount Double Check." The analytics company says there were 626,000 total comments on the game. It helped that Rodgers did his belt move during the game, but what really got people talking was when Texans defensive end J.J. Watt sacked Rodgers and motioned like he was throwing out Rodgers' belt.

"After the first sack, I kind of looked back and figured that's what he did," Rodgers said after the game. "I didn't see it but I just said, 'Hey you've got your one move, why you messing with mine.'"

Rodgers also got an extra "Discount Double Check" move in on Sunday night after an 11-yard trip to the end zone was negated.

"I made myself look kind of silly after my touchdown run doing my 'Discount Double Check,' only to have it called back on a holding call," Rodgers said.

So has all this attention meant business for State Farm?

Tim Van Hoof, assistant vice president of marketing communications for the company, said call volumes and people requesting quotes while mentioning the "Discount Double Check" are up significantly. The "Discount Double Check" refers to discounts the company provides for various reasons including safe driving as well as money back for giving the company business for both a home and auto policy.

Van Hoof said that the company has looked at Nielsen metrics and has seen its brand affinity and likability rise thanks to the television spots. Rodgers' "Discount Double Check" ads also have been viewed more than three million times on State Farm's YouTube page.

Rodgers turned out to be a perfect partner for the company, Van Hoof said.

"We're a fairly conservative brand, so we're very careful who we partner with," Van Hoof said. "We loved how Aaron handled himself, but we also love the fact that he likes to be a prankster who doesn't mind being self-deprecating."