SuperBaugh not about the coaches

Don't expect Jim and John Harbaugh to be doing much in the way of cashing in off the Super Bowl matchup.

After winning their respective conference title games Sunday, each pushed attention away, as expected.

"We'll try to stay out of that business," John Harbaugh said about the sibling matchup following the Ravens' win over the Patriots. "We'll let the two teams duke it out as much as possible."

So some might have fun with what to call the matchup -- SuperBaugh beat out SupBroBowl and SupHarbowl in our Twitter poll -- don't expect either of the brothers to trademark a particular phrase and start a joint bank account. (For what it's worth, an Indiana man applied to trademark Harbaugh Bowl and Harbowl last year, only to abandon the quest for an unknown reason. From what we understand, neither the agents for the Harbaughs nor the NFL had any role in it.)

If there's an opportunity for a company to associate itself with the brotherly battle, it might be through their mother, Jackie.

Although Campbell's Soup has used mostly actresses to pose as mothers of NFL players in its ads, Debbie Phelps, the mother of Olympic champion swimmer Michael (who happens to be a huge Ravens fan) has had a successful career as a commercial mom.

She has appeared with Michael in a Subway ad, unveiled her own collection at clothing retailer Chico's, and signed a deal with Johnson & Johnson to promote the company's brand around the Olympics. Her @MamaPhelpsH20 has more than 15,000 followers.

If Jackie Harbaugh is open to doing deals, natural partnerships would be the standard products that mothers buy for their sons. There are a lot to choose from, given that PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble are both official partners of the league.