Cheap seats available throughout MLB

Not all seats at MLB parks will cost you an arm and a leg. Some art dirt cheap. Toni L. Sandys/Getty Images

With the Major League Baseball season getting underway this week, there are plenty of opportunities across the country for you to take in a professional sporting event without emptying your wallet. If you’re military personnel, a veteran, first responder or senior citizen, you can take in a Marlins game for free. If you’re in Denver, you can buy a ticket as cheap as $4.

We’ve compiled a team-by-team list of the cheapest tickets this season for each MLB team:

Arizona Diamondbacks

$9 -- midweek games (Outfield Reserve)

Atlanta Braves

$6 -- midweek games (General Admission)

$1 -- available for every game, but limited to the first 186 fans to purchase at the ticket office starting 2.5 hours before first pitch

Baltimore Orioles

$6 -- Friday nights for students (LF Upper Reserve)

$9 -- Tuesday nights (Upper Level)

Boston Red Sox

$12 -- midweek games (Upper Bleacher

$20 -- weekend games (Lower Level Infield Standing Room)

Chicago Cubs

$9--29 -- varies by game (Upper Deck Reserved Outfield)

Chicago White Sox

$5 -- Sunday games (Upper Corner)

$7 -- Monday-Saturday games (Upper Corner)

Cincinnati Reds

$5 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Outer View Level)

Cleveland Indians

$10 -- tickets available via digital ticketing platform (Upper Bleachers)

Colorado Rockies

$4 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Rockpile)

Detroit Tigers

$12 -- available for 79 of the 81 home games (Skyline)

Houston Astros

$5 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Outfield Deck II)

Kansas City Royals

$10 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Fountain Seats)

Los Angeles Angels

$4-5 -- available only on game day at the ticket office for walk-ups (seat location and availability change on a game-to-game basis)

Los Angeles Dodgers

$8-30 -- varies by game (Top Deck)

Miami Marlins

Free -- on Mondays free tickets are available for military personnel, veterans, first responders, along with their spouses and children, and on Thursdays free tickets are available for fans 55 and older (Best Available up to Home Plate Box)

$9 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Vista Reserved B)

Milwaukee Brewers

$1 -- available on game day every game except Opening Day (Terrace Level)

Minnesota Twins

$8 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Field View)

New York Mets

$12 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Promenade Outfield)

New York Yankees

$13-15 -- varies by game (Bleachers)

Oakland Athletics

$2 -- Wednesdays except June 12 and July 3 (Plaza Outfield and Plaza Reserved)

Philadelphia Phillies

$14-20 -- varies by game (Standing Room Only)

Pittsburgh Pirates

$12-17 -- varies by game (Upper Grandstand)

San Diego Padres

$10 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Park at the Park)

San Francisco Giants

$8 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Left Field View Reserved)

Seattle Mariners

$7 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Bleachers)

St. Louis Cardinals

$5 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Right Field Terrace)

Tampa Bay Rays

$10 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Upper Box)

Texas Rangers

$11 -- cheapest available via dynamic pricing (Grandstand Reserved)

Toronto Blue Jays

$11-14 -- varies by game (500 Level)

Washington Nationals

$5-15 -- varies by game (Grandstand)

For teams with their cheapest ticket listed being available via dynamic pricing (which fluctuates with market demand), the price listed is the lowest price level.

Teams have a variety of other promotions for specific games. For example, the Cincinnati Reds have a $15 businessman’s special for all 12:35 p.m. home games, which includes a $10 concession credit. In Seattle, you can buy a family package for most Wednesday-night games for $15, which includes a ticket, hot dog and soft drink.

The Marlins have turned to Groupon for help, with three different packages available that range from $20 to $45 and include merchandise credit and a free ticket to an upcoming April or May home game.

Of the four major professional sports, Major League Baseball is the cheapest to attend as a fan, not taking into account deals you might get on the secondary market. According to Team Marketing Report, the average cost of a MLB ticket this season is $27.73. Compare that to $50.99 for an NBA ticket last season, $61.01 for an NHL ticket or $78.38 to get into an NFL game.

Team Marketing Report also creates a Fan Cost Index for each of the four major professional leagues. The Fan Cost Index is the total it would cost on, on average, to buy four non-premium tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking, two programs and two adult-sized hats.

Major League Baseball has the lowest Fan Cost Index by far at $210.46. It’s followed by the NBA at $315.66, the NHL at $354.82 and the NFL is the most expensive at $443.93.