What Mickey Loomis heard from 2002-04

Fandom's dubious sources reveal the sordid details of what Mickey Loomis gleaned from opponents. Matthew Sharpe/Getty Images

Saints general manager Mickey Loomis has been accused of using a listening device to eavesdrop on visiting teams at the Superdome from 2002 through 2004. Let's take a look back at the New Orleans' home schedule from those three seasons to find out what Loomis might have heard.


Week 2: Saints 35, Packers 20

Brett Favre: “It sure is great to be loved by everyone.”

Week 5: Saints 32, Steelers 29

Tommy Maddox: “I think I'm doing pretty well for my first start. These NFL defenses aren’t much harder than what I saw in the XFL.”

Week 7: Saints 35, 49ers 27

Terrell Owens: “Hey, everybody. Gather ‘round. I’ve got some new Jeff Garcia jokes I want to try out. No offense, Jeff.”

Week 12: Browns 24, Saints 15

Tim Couch: “I’m feeling good out there, guys. So stop worrying. This team has its quarterback for at least the next decade.”

Week 13: Saints 23, Buccaneers 20

Martin Gramatica: “Guys. Hey, guys. OK. It’s been 10 minutes now. Good one. You got me good, OK? Let me out of my locker. Please?”

Week 15: Vikings 32, Saints 31

Randy Moss: “Who made this food? It sucks.”

Week 17: Panthers 10, Saints 6

John Fox: “Have you guys heard about this high school freshman in Florida? Tim Tebow? He’s apparently a heck of a player.”


Week 2: Saints 31, Texans 10

David Carr: “Good job on that one play when I didn’t get sacked. Let’s do that again in the second half. But more than once.”

Week 4: Colts 55, Saints 21

Mike Vanderjagt: “Dudes. Bourbon Street. Thirty minutes after the clock hits quad zeroes. Be there.”

Week 6: Saints 20, Bears 13

Brian Urlacher: “Can anybody recommend a good video camera? My friend Paris Hilton is looking for one. Preferably one that can record in the dark.”

Week 8: Panthers 23, Saints 20

John Fox: “So I have some footage of that Tebow kid. Look how tough he is. I want you to play that way today.”

Week 11: Saints 23, Falcons 20

Kurt Kittner: “I realize Michael Vick has a broken leg, but I really think he should still be starting over me. I just refuse to believe I am our best option out there.”

Week 14: Buccaneers 14, Saints 7

Warren Sapp: “After the game is over, I’m going to go drop a few grand shopping for shoes. Who’s with me?”

Week 15: Saints 45, Giants 7

Tiki Barber: “It sure is great to be loved by everyone.”

Week 17: Saints 13, Cowboys 7

Bill Parcells: “Men, gather ‘round. And also you, Terry Glenn.”


Week 1: Seahawks 21, Saints 7

Mike Holmgren: “Gentlemen, once the game is over, we’re getting right on the plane. We can’t risk letting Jerramy Stevens loose in New Orleans.”

Week 2: Saints 30, 49ers 27

Dennis Erickson: “People say I’m on the hot seat. But with you at the helm, Ken Dorsey, I’m confident I’ll be here for a long time.”

Week 5: Buccaneers 20, Saints 17

Chris Simms: “Seriously. I have Kyle Shanahan’s initials tattooed on my leg. Check it out.”

Week 6: Vikings 38, Saints 31

Randy Moss: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Week 10: Saints 27, Chiefs 20

Dick Vermeil: [sobbing]

Week 11: Broncos 34, Saints 13

Mike Shanahan: “I hate these dome games. No sun exposure.”

Week 13: Panthers 32, Saints 21

John Fox: “So that Tebow is tearing it up now as a high school junior. He needs to work on his throwing accuracy, but he has plenty of time to fix that. I’d love to coach him in the NFL one day.”

Week 16: Saints 26, Falcons 13

Jim Mora: “You guys see that UCLA lost its bowl game to Wyoming this week to fall to 6-6? What a terrible program."