Jersey mishap brings Reebok back to field

As we all know, NFL players are wearing uniforms made by Nike this year, right?


That's Packers quarterback Graham Harrell from Thursday night's preseason game against the Chiefs. As you can see, he was wearing a Reebok jersey with the manufacturer's logo blacked out in a vain attempt to render it invisible.

Harrell began the game wearing a Nike jersey. But his jersey was torn during a play in the second quarter, so he switched into a new one -- which happened to be an old Reebok jersey that was apparently lying around. It's not clear which is more surprising: That the Packers didn't have a backup Nike jersey available for Harrell, or that they still have Reebok products floating around the locker room.

Harrell, incidentally, wasn't the only NFLer wearing Reebok on Thursday night. Someone on the Raiders' sideline -- it's not clear who -- was wearing a Reebok jacket. Folks at the Nike and NFL offices can't be happy about any of this, but it's just the preseason, right? It'll be interesting to see if contraband Reebok gear keeps showing up once the regular season starts.