Uni Watch update: College football changes

Georgia Tech's new uniforms make liberal use of the honeycomb pattern across many elements. Getty Images

In case you missed it, the annual Uni Watch college football season preview column, which broke down all of this season's FBS uniform changes, ran on Aug. 29. A bunch of additional uniform unveilings and adjustments have surfaced since then, so here's an update:

Arizona State is letting fans vote for which uni combo the team will wear on Sept. 22 against Utah, and students will be able to vote for the uni that'll be worn on Oct. 27 against UCLA.

• The lettering for the players' names on the Auburn jerseys has gotten larger.

• I had already reported on Colorado State having new uniforms, but I didn't know the team also added an "A" to the back of the helmet. This refers to the school's old identity as Colorado A&M.

FAU has changed from a uniform to a costume. (Those wings on the shoulder are a standard Adidas stock graphic, by the way, as you can see in the new uniforms being worn by Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan and Eastern Washington.)

Florida has a new field design.

• The bulldog's sweater on the Fresno State helmet is now red.

Georgia Tech has plastered every available uniform element with a honeycomb pattern. Looks even better (read: worse) from behind. Lots of game photos here, and you can see the gold and blue jersey options here.

Houston will wear throwbacks on Nov. 10 against Tulsa.

Nevada has added a center stripe to its helmet.

New Mexico has a new helmet and new pants.

• I wrote that North Carolina would wear its new white helmets at some point but that the date had not been specified. Turns out it will be Oct. 6 against Virginia Tech.

• Another new element for Notre Dame: The Irish will wear mismatched-sleeve undershirts this weekend.

Purdue is adding a Neil Armstrong memorial helmet decal. No official word yet on what it will look like, although this design has been circulating.

• I had mentioned that Rice had switched from Nike to Adidas but didn't mention that some players are wearing undershirts with a wing pattern.

Stanford has dropped the stripes from its pants.

Temple has removed the "T" logo on the collar and added the school name on the chest.

Texas State is now using claw stripes instead of TV numbers.

• The uni numbers on Texas Tech’s red and black jerseys are now white, which seems like a big plus in terms of visibility.

• I had previously reported that UNLV would have a new helmet, but I didn't realize it'd also have new uniforms.

Do you know of still more FBS changes? First, check last week's column to make sure the changes weren't already covered there. Then send your updates (FBS only, please) here.