Wozniacki pens ode to life-giving oxygen

Caroline Wozniacki is not just one of the best tennis players in the world, she is also a fan of oxygen and wants everyone to know.

The tennis star released her first single this week. The title? "Oxygen." Have a listen and gain new appreciation for the life-sustaining gas we all breathe.

Some sample lyrics:

You're in the air so I can keep on breathing, breathing

You know exactly how to keep my world spinning, spinning

You're my OX-OX-OXYGEN

I'm breathing you, I'm breathing you, breathing you, I'm breathing you in


• • •

Not only is this a great song for all tennis-themed dance clubs, but it should also be played in every science class in America. It's got all the essential basics about the eighth element on the periodic table -- how it's in the air, the fact that we breathe it, and its necessity to life. Plus, there are probably a few good science lessons to be learned about the technology behind Auto-Tune.

Thanks, Caroline. And thanks, oxygen!