Jose Canseco's Twitter account is M.I.A.

Fandom speaks for sports fans everywhere when we lament Jose Canseco's departure from Twitter. ESPN.com Illustration

The most unpredictable account on Twitter is missing: @JoseCanseco is gone.

It isn't yet clear whether Canseco deleted the account ... or whether foul play was involved.

Unless this cruel injustice is remedied, our timelines will no longer include the wit and wisdom of Canseco. We will no longer receive cyber hugs -- "Hug for u." Jose will no longer "complete" us.

On this dark day, let's take a look back at some of Canseco's most recent brilliance:

  • "al gore was a head of his time. i miss him rest in peace buddy hug for u"

  • "did you hug a tree today send me pic of your splinters"

  • "Yesterday at Fenway it was so hot. In all my years playing ther I never seen a hot day in April in Boston. Must be global warming"

  • "I will challenge you to a spelling competition"

  • "Boston needs a dh I am ready, just need a tryout. nobody loves playing the game more than I do"

  • "I would rather be stupid and honest than smart and a lyar whitch one r u."

  • "I am pretty dumb for a genius"

R.I.P. @JoseCanseco. You will be missed.