Blackhawks rookie can't go to prom with fan

Andrew Shaw won't be going to prom with Jordan Homa, but he still made her day by responding. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Sports, like love, can lift you up.

It can fulfill every wildest dream you ever had as a wide-eyed teenager, releasing endorphins that make you forget about all of life’s troubles for just a little while.

But in the end sports, like love, always breaks your heart.

It’s a lesson 17-year-old Blackhawks fan Jordan Homa learned twice in 24 hours. Homa created a YouTube video asking 20-year-old Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw to her senior prom in Traverse City, Mich., on May 12. After Homa spent days trying to get Shaw's attention through social media, he responded via Twitter.

So approximately 24 hours after her beloved Blackhawks saw their Stanley Cup dreams end, Homa’s visions of a dream prom date evaporated as well.

Rather than focusing on the negative of not being escorted to the prom by one of her favorite players, she’s taking everything in stride.

“From the beginning, I wanted a response saying he saw it so I was happy,” Homa said. “I’m a little disappointed, but I wasn’t expecting him to actually go. It would’ve been a long shot.”

It was a long shot she says she would take all over again.

Since beginning her social media campaign, Homa’s video has racked up more than 5,000 views, attracting media attention in the U.S. and Canada. She successfully caught the eye of several people close to Shaw. Blackhawks winger Jamal Mayers retweeted her video and one of Shaw's friends from high school, Steven Csanyi, teased Homa about her interest in Shaw.

But Homa said the biggest assist in getting Shaw to acknowledge her request goes to Amanda Caskenette, girlfriend of Blackhawks winger Bryan Bickell. Caskenette had told Homa via Twitter that she would help a sister out.

“I know that Amanda is at the Cubs game with him right now so she probably put in a word to him,” Homa said Tuesday night.

Now, with 18 days until the big dance, Homa remains dateless for the prom. She’s currently planning on going to the big dance with a group of friends in the same pink dress she's wearing in the YouTube video.

Even though she had her sights set on a cute, young professional hockey player as her dream date, she hasn’t ruled out going with a fellow student.

“I’d be totally open to it but it just depends on who it is,” she said.

Only problem? Nobody has asked her. Even if nobody does, the bubbly brunette says she’s fine with that.

“This late in the game, I’m not expecting to be asked,” she said. “I’ve got a good group of friends I’m excited about going with. They say you have more fun with friends anyway, right?”