How to properly show your NFL outrage!

After final review, the ruling has been confirmed as an intertouchdownception. It's touchercepted! Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Enough is enough.

Many of us were willing to stick with the replacement refs as long as they didn’t mess up to the point of losing a game for a team.

But that bridge has now been crossed and the crossing has been reviewed and upheld (for whatever that’s worth). It’s time that we, the fans, rise up and show Roger Goodell and the NFL that we will not support their product until Hochuli and friends are back on the field.

Here are 10 ways to make your OUTRAGE known:

1. Spread the word among friends and acquaintances that the replacement referees are “bad” and Roger Goodell is “terrible.”

2. Do not watch any NFL games that do not feature your favorite team, at least one team with a .500 record or above, or a player who is on your fantasy team.

3. Swear off watching any NFL games four days a week.

4. Do not buy NFL apparel and merchandise (excluding that which features the logo of your favorite team; no need to punish yourself).

5. Do not buy tickets to games that cost $300 or more because higher-priced tickets have more of a profit margin.

6. Boo refs at the games you do attend.

7. Do not send out an Evite for your annual Super Bowl party yet.

8. Use negative hashtags about the NFL and Roger Goodell on Twitter.

9. If you are a Nielsen TV home, put your TV on something other than football on Sundays and go watch the games at a sports bar.

10. Do not get any more NFL logo tattoos on your face.