Nike's swooshes facing every which way

There was no telling where Tony Romo's passes were going, but the swoosh was facing forward. AP Photo/LM Otero

With 25 percent of the NFL season now in the bank, one of the biggest surprises here at Uni Watch HQ is how many fans are annoyed by the "backwards" (i.e., rightward-facing) swooshes on the right sleeves of this year's jerseys. When Nike made NFL jerseys back in the late 1990s, all the swooshes -- including those on the right sleeves -- faced to the left, but this time around Nike decided to have all the swooshes facing forward. I get emails every week from fans who say the right-sleeve swooshes mess with their heads, upset their equilibrium, and so on.

If you're one of those fans, I'm happy to report that you now have a player to rally around. During Monday night's Bears-Cowboys game, the right-sleeve swoosh on Dallas punter Brian Moorman's jersey was facing to the left. Start a fan club for him, send him a muffin basket, adopt him as your personal savior, whatever -- he's now the champion who represents your cause.

But here's something even weirder from last night's game: Over on the Bears' side of the field, linebacker Geno Hayes had a right-facing swoosh on his left sleeve. Unprecedented! Also disturbing. Is this some sort of bizarre mark of the beast, or perhaps an indication of swoosh dyslexia? At the very least, it's another thing for swoosh obsessives to fixate on.